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Beatbuger’s Interview w ize | Eunhyuk’s part

SM Eunhyuk & Taemin’s dancing image in their Beatburger Collaboration

Jaewon: The 2 of them are both very talented, that’s why I wanted to put them in a production, so (their talent) can remain. In regards to Eunhyuk, it took 2 years to convince him. Although to others, he is more well known through various entertainment shows, but he is in fact a very talented friend.
The dance moves is one part, but to combine the arm movements as well as the facial expressions together to produce this sort of feel, I saw it for the first time on Eunhyuk.

This friend of mine (Eunhyuk) performed remarkably. Rather than to discuss how good of a dancer he is, I’m more frustrated about how to describe the enormity of his charm. I want to provide a better demonstration of how Eunhyuk lives, breathes, jumps, something like this.
After observing the strengths of these artists, what then is their impact when they have their own stages?*

The mood will be different. At work, there are people that think it is okay as long as the job is complete. But I will also consider, is it possible for me to make this friend who is standing on stage feel more confident, and whether if I also have that confidence. So definitely, I put feelings into my work, and make it as detailed as I possibly can. Also, I don’t consider it as just work.

*I wasn’t very sure about this from the Chinese translation and I can’t read Korean, sorry if this question is a completely different translation from the original question /o\

Kor - Chi translation by 金圣诞是理想型
Chi- Eng translation by mish_shellx

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