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Hi Everlasting Friend~! This is the official tumblr to “Goal Mr. Simple”.


"Goal Mr. Simple" is a project to do Mr. Simple MV reach 100 million views!

According to researches about other fandom’s project with the same goal, we’ve found some ‘rules’ that makes youtube views count:

- Before watch the MV or download any extensions, be aware that you are NOT logged in (on your youtube account). Even If you watch the MV so many times, If you are logged in, youtube will count only as one view.

- Download the extension available only for Google Chrome “Reloader”. This extension allows you to refresh the page automatically in a given time (5 seconds ~ 30 minutes). Watch the entire mv!

- Official hastags: #MrSimpleTo100Million #MrSimpleto100MViews (please be careful with spam)

- Don’t use playlist! It can bug views and isn’t counted. Just refresh (automatically or not). Always do preference to manual refresh if you can.

Why do Mr. Simple reach 100 million views?!

Mr. Simple is SJ’s music video with biggest propagation and closest to reach 100 million views. Will be our worldwide gift to 7jib’s comeback, consolidating so much more Super Junior as ‘Hallyu King’. 

We will att everything about “Goal Mr. Simple” here. 
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